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Fly on the Wings of Love

Reaching the stars above and touching the sky...

xWings of Lovex
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Hi hi, I'm Jenni, but I mostly go by the name Reiko :D I'm a third year college student pursuing a Business major and Asian studies minor.

I'm not that great when it comes to describing myself, but I'll at least give it a try:

I am a bookworm - I'll read almost anything and everything, from reading the text on a computer screen to the old (and most definitely boring) textbooks that I must read for my classes.

I've been told that I am very friendly, and I like to meet new people.

I can be creative at times; I could be sitting in my room drawing random anime (Japanese animation) characters in my sketchbook, or I could be relaxing on my bed and making hemp jewelry.

I can be a nerd too - even I play video games such as Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero.

I would have to say that music is my OXYGEN. I love music, I breathe it, I live it. I don't think that there is a day that would pass me by without even a single tune wafting in the air.

I also love to cook - I've grown up knowing that food not only fills the stomach, but also the body and mind. It also brings people together, which is why I love making food when friends are around!

And on a random sidenote, I like to sip a hot cup of tea or coffee while sitting on the windowsill and watch the world go by. ...hey, I can dream too, all right? :)

...oh, let's not forget that... Yeah, I'm in love with the greatest guy :D