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Hi there - the name's Jenni, but I mostly go by Reiko. <3 Sorry, but my LJ is for friends only so... If you're not my friend, then you can't read my entries! ...well, my personal posts anyway. ^^;

However!! If there's anyone out there who have nice things to say about me - whether you know me in real life, have bought some of my anime and or manga, or just have some nice things to say, please leave one!! Your love is gladly appreciated!!


Reiko's Livejournal Garage Sale - I'm moving! (Updated 7/17/2008)

I'm moving to a new Livejournal for my garage sale! I have new additions to add to the ones that I have below! It's still in the works so check back in the next few days for updates!

For more information check out my new LJ profile at she_sells_stuff . Grand opening is on Sunday, July 19th.

I now have Paypal! I can also take concealed cash or check for payments :)

Please send all questions and inventory inquiries to my new e-mail address:

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It's been a while - a much needed update!

Sorry for not being on here for a long time. To be honest, I was being damn lazy. There ya go. Hah.

Well, here's a bit of what's been up with me as of late:

-Winter Break: sucked Okay, not entirely. The only thing that really sucked about this past break is that I didn't get employed back into my first job until the last week of Break. Whoever came up with the whole process of having to apply for the job again with the whole shabam of background checks and whatnot should be shot. I was still in the system and would have been brought back instantly. Sure, I was able to work for 3 days on my last week, but I can't help but to think how many hours I have lost for internship... :/ Needless to say I'm not very happy about it, but I have to bite the bullet and figure out what I'm gonna do from there.

-Christmas and New Years: fun with the family!
-School: okay... so far.  Classes started on Monday and thing are going well. I'm taking a very light class load this semester, and I think that is good. I nearly killed myself over the past 1.5 years that I've overloaded on classes, so I am *hoping* that classes, along with senior thesis/seminar will go well. We shall see from there 

-Cosplay/Conventions: I don't know for sure if I will be able to make it to Katsucon this year, as I am a bit low on funds right now. In the meantime I am still working on my future cosplays: Yuki from Vampire Knight and Rinoa from Final Fantasy VIII as well as the Dead Fantasy II remake of Rinoa by Montyoum (sp?). I've come to realize that knitting is so relaxing and a lot of fun :3 

-House - In case I didn't get to mention this to many of you, which is most likely the case: I'm living off campus this semester :D It's in a nice little house here in Staunton, and it's awesome. I'm living there with four other girls, one of them who happens to be one of my best friends. So far we are having a blast... Except for when it comes to electricals and heat, which we are currently working on. We are hoping to get all of that done at least before next weekend or before Signature Ball at the latest. (Signature Ball is a no go for me - had always been a no go since my freshman year, so no thanks. I'd rather be spending time with Taylor) 

-Boyfriend - 5 months strong :D Our 6 months will be coming up on Signature Ball weekend, and we are spending it together when he comes down to visit :3 I mentioned this before, but with me and him being the best of friends and even more so now, it really doesn't seem like 5 months at all *shrug* 

Other that those above, that's all I have really. Until we have Internet, cable, heat, and electrical stuff done at the house, I will respond to whatever messages and such when I can on campus. Until then, cheers everyone <3